Become an Active Participant in Your Health!

Whether you’re facing a trip to the ER or an inpatient visit, get the critical information you need to navigate your hospital stay—so you can be calm, feel confident, and focus on your path to health and healing.

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When you’re already sick, injured, or in pain, a hospital visit adds more stress to an already overwhelming situation. Every step is often too confusing, too opaque, and too cumbersome for patients to feel fully in control.

With the right knowledge, your hospitalization can be a positive experience full of the comfort, communication, and compassion you deserve.

In Prescription for Admission, hospitalist Dr. Monique Nugent simplifies acute hospitalizations to help you receive better treatment and improve your experience. Whether you’re facing a trip to the ER, an unexpected inpatient stay, or a planned hospitalization for cancer treatment, this complete guide provides the critical information you need to navigate the hospital—so you can stay calm, feel confident, and focus on healing after a health crisis.

    In Prescription for Admisson, You’ll Discover…

    What to expect during an average four- to five-day hospital stay

    And how to prepare for a future hospital visit today.

    A behind-the-scenes look at the health care system

    Including urgent care and emergency medicine.

    Tips to help you stay mentally grounded

    Communicate more effectively with your doctor and nurse, and advocate for yourself.

    Advice for a stress-free discharge

    Whether to a long-term care facility or home.

    A downloadable, fillable Quick Guide to the Hospital

    Your handy grab-and-go document in case of emergency.

    A hospital is meant to be a place for support, not frustration and confusion. Purchase Prescription for Admission now and prepare for your next hospital visit as an active participant in your health!

      Review by Frank Mutuma

      Readers’ Favorite – 5 stars

      Being hospitalized can be scary, and the general feeling of helplessness and being out of control can contribute to anxiety. This can be remedied by getting as much information as possible before your stay. Prescription for Admission by Monique S. Nugent provides the background.

      The issue of hospitalization should be approached differently by those who have never been hospitalized before and by those who have been hospitalized several times due to the progressive nature of their illness.

      Regardless of the situation, it is essential to keep a checklist and be familiar with basic medical procedures that will contribute to your recovery. This book will prepare you for what to expect in emergency care, your daily routine in a hospital bed, and how to prepare for discharge.

      I remember the first time I was admitted to a hospital. Despite being a medic, I had to be counseled on how to deal with anxiety. I can only imagine the predicament of patients who have no clue about what is happening.

      Prescription for Admission by Monique S. Nugent has a wealth of information and is a must-read for everyone, including health practitioners. As the author points out, a well-informed patient will keep track of their progress, which will not only help them advocate for themselves but also ensure better outcomes. I loved the way Monique started by explaining the patient information captured on admission step by step. She has also gone out of her way to provide templates so the reader can practice filling in their particulars.

      Mental health is an issue that is often ignored, and more literature on the topic must be published. I cannot wait to read other works from Monique on medical matters.